Is Slayyyter Trans?

Who is Slayyyter?

Who is it?

Catherine Grace Garner, known better by her stage name, Slayyyter, has had her gender called into question recently. Despite rumors suggesting she is transgender, she has firmly stated that she is a woman and provided no proof of any gender surgeries or verify any rumors of being transgender. Born in 1996 in Missouri, Slayyyter made a name for herself by releasing her first album, “ In Between The Waves” in 2014, and has toured all throughout the US and Europe in her solo career. Her angelic, captivating sound is a combination of delicate and guttural music that seeks to inspire her fans.

What made Slayyyter famous?

What made him famous? Slayyyter has earned fame for her uplifting message of hope and her remarkable sound that is delicate yet also powerful. Her latest hits with Chris Walla (of Death Cab For Cutie), Alex Newport (of The Strokes), Mike Mogis (of Bright Eyes) and other producers and musicians have earned her a large following and audience both in the US and abroad. The gender rumor has done nothing to take away from her success combining influential lyrics and captivating sound. Her unique uplifting message has resonated with international audiences and made her a true pop stars.

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Is Slayyyter trans?

Is Slayyyter trans? No, she is not. Slayyyter, the famous independent singer-songwriter is not transgender but actually a woman. Catherine Garner, a woman who goes by the username of Slayyyter, has been accused of being transgender by her followers but denies it. When rumors about Slayyter being male first surfaced, she responded with a statement on her Facebook page saying that she is indeed a woman. There might be rumors about Slayyter’s true gender, but there is no proof. There are no interviews or proof on the internet that Slayyyter is a transgender woman besides the rumors. Through her music, Catherine has been able to take an uplifting message of hope and change people’s lives for the better and has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe. Thus, any claims of her being trans remain unfounded.

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