Is Sneaky Trans?

Who is Sneaky?

Who is it?

Zachary Scuderi, better known as “Sneaky”, is a professional League of Legends player and popular Twitch streamer who is known for his cross-playing, in which he dresses up as female characters from various video games and anime. Despite rumors that he is transgender, there is no evidence or confirmation of this from Scuderi himself. He has gained fame as an esports player and an active streamer, and his cosplay photography has been used to promote charitable causes.

What made Sneaky famous?

What made him famous?

Zachary Scuderi, better known by his online alias “Sneaky”, made a name for himself as a professional League of Legends player and esports athlete in 2013. Throughout his career, he has become a household name as one of the top players in his position, and has won multiple tournaments with the team Quantic Gaming and Cloud9. His cosplay skills have also earned him a large following, and he has been able to utilize this fame to raise money for various charities. He continues to use his fame as a Twitch streamer, and has amassed over 1.5 million followers. Thus, it is Sneaky’s status as a professional gamer and cosplayer that have made him famous.

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Is Sneaky trans?

Is Sneaky trans? No, he is not. Zachary Scuderi, better known by his online alias “Sneaky”, is a famous professional League of Legends player, Twitch streamer, and cross-player who has become a fixture in the gaming and esports world. However, despite the many rumors, there is no official confirmation or statement from Sneaky himself that he is transgender. His cross-playing does not necessarily indicate a desire to transition to a different gender identity.

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