Is Billy Porter Trans?

Who is Billy Porter?

Who is it? Billy Porter is an American actor, singer, and drag performer who is known for his diverse roles and groundbreaking statements on race, gender identity and sexuality. He is openly gay and married his husband, Adam Smith on January 14, 2017. He is not trans, however he has chosen to identify himself as such in the past which caused mixed reactions from the general public. Although he has yet to admit to undergoing any surgery, Billy Porter identifies as a male which allows him the freedom of expression without being judged.

What made Billy Porter famous?

What made him famous? Billy Porter is an American actor, singer, and drag performer who has become one of the most influential and celebrated Black artists in America. His renowned performance as Lola on FX’s “American Horror Story: Roanoke” earned him an Emmy Award in 2016. He has since been honored with a Tony, a Grammy, and an Oscar nomination. Aside from his acting, Porter is well-known for his frank dialogue about race and gender identity, including his choice to identify as a woman in 2017. In 2018, he publicly came out as gay, and the world rejoiced in his courage to freely express himself. Although many have speculated if Porter is trans, he has never confirmed it and legally married his husband in 2017. Porter is an inspiration to many and has used his platform to educate the public on gender identity and equality.

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Is Billy Porter trans?

Is Billy Porter trans? No, he is not. Billy Porter is an openly gay man and, while he has expressed support for the trans community and has been vocal about his views on race and gender identity, he has never stated that he is trans or that he has undergone any surgery to transition to another gender. The actor, singer, and drag performer came out to the world as gay on June 16th, 2018 and has been married to his husband, Adam Smith, since January 14, 2017. We can conclude that, while he is an influential advocate for the LBGTQ community, Billy Porter does not identify as trans.

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