Is Lizzo Trans?

Who is Lizzo?

Who is it? Rumors have been swirling that 18-year-old singer and icon Melissa Viviane Jefferson, also known as Lizzo, is trans. Lizzo is often compared to Rihanna and Nicki Minaj for her outspoken personality and music that really resonates with the public. Despite the rumors, Lizzo has responded to claims that she doesn’t identify as either male or female. She identifies as gender fluid but her statement has sparked a debate on the idea of faking gender. Lizzo’s identity should not be assumed or labeled–it should be respected for what it is. In short, Lizzo is not trans: she is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, a woman with an amazing career and amazing music.

What made Lizzo famous?

What made him famous? Lizzo is a singer, songwriter, and rapper from St. Louis, Missouri. In 2016, her debut single “Juice” was released and peaked at number 38 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The second single “Truth Hurts” was even more successful, peaking at number 16. Consequently, she was named by many as the new generation’s Michael Jackson, while also being compared to Rihanna and Nicki Minaj for her outspokenness. Her passion for gender-free pronouns, which she has expressed several times in interviews, has made her more mysterious and gave her career an extra boost. However, the rumors about her being trans are false and offensive. Lizzo has put quite a mark on the music industry, and her amazing talent combined with her strong opinions and transgender-inclusiveness has helped her rise to fame.

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Is Lizzo trans?

Is Lizzo Trans? No, she is not. Melissa Viviane Jefferson Lizzo has a huge following and fans from all around the world, which stimulated rumors that she might be transgender. However, Lizzo has always been open about identifying as gender fluid, recently even stating that she’s not male or female. Trans rumors about Melissa Viviane Jefferson are swirling after she went on a tirade against the gender binary in a video, but they are not true. Although Lizzo enjoys wearing clothes that can fit men and women alike, this does not mean that she identifies as a man or anything other than just Melissa. Her statement on gender sparked a debate on faking gender, but it is clear that Lizzo is neither trans nor does she identify as such.

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