Is Lalisa Manoban ( Lisa ) Trans?

Who is Lalisa Manoban (Lisa)?

Who is it? Lalisa Manoban, popularly known as Lisa, is a South Korean-based Thai rapper, musician, dancer, and model. She debuted in 2016 as the lead rapper and primary dancer of the popular girl group BLACKPINK, which also includes Roseanne Park, Kim Jennie, and Jisoo Kim. Her success has been founded on her incredible dance and performance ability. BLACKPINK has recently collaborated with Selena Gomez on IceCream and performed Pretty Savage on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Ever since she was a teenager, she has been interested in becoming an entertainer and when she was 13, she auditioned and was selected to be part of YG Entertainment. According to estimates, her net-worth is approximately $11 million. Relationship wise, Lisa has never revealed if she has a partner, although there have been rumours of her potentially being with a fellow K-pop group member. Her family consists of her mother, Mrs. Manoban, and her father, Marco Brüschweiler, with whom she has a loving bond. Lisa has used her fame to gain a massive social media following and counts with 48.2 million Instagram followers, 167.2k Twitter followers, 2.5 million TikTok followers, 6.5 million Youtube subscribers, and 368 thousand Facebook likes.

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What made Lalisa Manoban (Lisa) famous?

What made him famous? Lalisa Manoban, more acclaimed as Lisa, is a South Korean-based Thai rapper, artist, artist, and model. In 2016, she made her debut with Girl Gathering BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment which earned her overall recognition. Her ability to move has earned her fans across borders. Subsequently, her group has made huge tunes like Icecream with Selena Gomez and Pretty Savage which was highlighted in The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2021. With enormous following on different online media thus numerous hit singles, Lisa has caught the hearts of millions and has turning into a worldwide marvel. A prospering vocation, her esteem is assessed at $11 million, and she unquestionably has gained a lot of fame around the world.

Is Lalisa Manoban (Lisa) trans?

Is this personality trans? Lalisa Manoban, more universally known as Lisa, has launched her career path as the lead rapper and primary dancer of the South Korean girl group BLACKPINK created by YG entertainment. She was joined by Kim Jennie, Roseanne Park, and Jisoo Kim, all other members. Lisa is best recognized for her notable talents in dance, and her squad has acquired remarkable fame with the collaboration of American singer Selena Gomez for their song IceCream, along with her performance in the Late Late show with James Corden for Pretty Savage in 2021. As a 13-year-old, she auditioned for YG Entertainment Competition and as of 2021, her net worth is approximately $11 million. Regardless of her attaining worldwide stardom, her relationship status has been kept confidential, however, there is speculation that she might currently be seeing a man named Junglekook. Lisa is the only daughter of Mrs. Manoban and Marco Brüschweiler, her stepfather, the latter whom she really admires. She has a height of 5 foot 5 inches, weighing around 99 pounds and an astonishing amount of social media followers, such as 48.2 million on Instagram, 167.2 thousand on Twitter, 2.5 million on TikTok, 6.5 million on YouTube and 368 thousand on Facebook. To answer the question, no, she is not trans.

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