Is Cavetown Trans?

Who is Cavetown?

Who is it? Cavetown, real name Robin Daniel Skinner is a singer-songwriter from the United States, famously known for his videos uploaded on youtube such as Haunted Lullaby. He was raised as a catholic and attended Parkside Community College. Much to the surprise of his fans, Cavetown admitted that he is trans in an interview and had gone through surgery from female to male. He issued an apology to anyone who may have been offended by his earlier posts and noted his support to the LGBT community. It is evident that Cavetown is indeed an individual of the transgender community.

What made Cavetown famous?

What made him famous? Cavetown, also known as Robin Daniel Skinner, is a singer-songwriter from the US who rose to fame when he uploaded his first-ever video on YouTube named Haunted Lullaby. His father, a musician, inspired and encouraged him to learn guitar growing up and, although he was raised as Catholic and attended Parkside Community College, his stars aligned when he released his debut album Everything is Made of Stars that was wildly successful. He has since released a second album, hit singles, and become a well-known songwriter and YouTuber. Recently Cavetown ended the speculation about his gender identity when he came out as a trans man in an interview and apologized for any previous transphobic comments he may have made. With this admission, his fans and supporters can rest assured that Cavetown is indeed trans.

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Is Cavetown trans?

Is Cavetown Trans? Yes, He Is. Robin Daniel Skinner, popularly known as Cavetown, is a singer-songwriter from the United States who gained worldwide fame after uploading his first-ever video titled ‘Haunted Lullaby’ to YouTube. He was raised as a Catholic and attended Parkside Community College and has released two albums and multiple hit singles since then. After being accused of making homophobic comments by using words like ‘tranny’, he issued an apology and admitted to being a trans man and undergoing surgery from female to male, expressing his commitment to supporting the LGBTQ community going forward. Therefore, Cavetown has confirmed his status as a trans man.

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