Is Thorn Trans?

Who is Thorn?

The answer to this question is Abigail Thorn, a British YouTuber and actress who is well-known for her philosophical videos on her YouTube channel Philosophy Tube, which has grown to more than 2 million subscribers. Not only did Abigail Thorn appear in some TV series such as “The Inbetweeners” and “Misfits,” she also released a video on YouTube titled “Coming out as Trans,” in which she openly admits that she is trans.

What made Thorn famous?

What made him famous? Abigail Thorn’s YouTube channel, Philosophy Tube, made her famous by exploring philosophical topics from a different perspective since 2014. The channel now has over 2 million subscribers. In addition to her work on YouTube, Thorn is a well-known actress, having appeared in TV series such as “The Inbetweeners” and “Misfits”. However, Thorn has recently become more famous due to her video “coming out as trans”, which discussed her gender identity. Thorn openly admitted that she is a trans woman in the video, launching a new wave of interest and support for her work.

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Is Thorn trans?

Is Thorn trans? Yes, she is. Abigail Thorn, the British YouTuber best known for her Philosophy Tube videos, released a video in which she openly admits she is a trans woman. This video, titled “Coming Out as Trans”, sparked a lot of discussions and put an end to the rumors of her gender identity that had been circulating for a while. Thorn has made it clear that she identifies as a trans woman and has gone on to create more content on the matter. Her unique perspective has allowed her channel to gather over 2 million subscribers who tune in to listen to her thoughts on a wide variety of topics.

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