Is Tayler Holder Trans?

Who is Tayler Holder?

Who is Tayler Holder?

Tayler Holder is a TikToker from Alvarado, Texas who is widely known for his appearances on his TikTok account, where he posts videos of dancing and lip-syncing scenes from his everyday life. He is also an actor, having starred in a total of two television shows, Dirt (2018) and Total Eclipse (2018). On top of his acting career, he has turned his hobby into a profession and gained widespread fame from his TikTok videos. Tayler Holder has also made an income from advertisements and his well-earned net worth is estimated to be over two million dollars. He was born in Alvarado, Texas and has one brother who is also a well-known TikTok performer. He is currently in a relationship with fellow TikTok celebrity, Charly Jordan, and has previously been romantically linked with famous stars such as Kaylyn Slevin, Kelianne Stankus, Charli D’Amelio and Sommer Ray. Apart from his TikTok videos, Tayler is also active on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and is verified on both accounts. He stands at 5’8 and has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. He practices philanthropy in a more discreet way, but is always extremely kind to others and loves to help.

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What made Tayler Holder famous?

What made him famous? Tayler Holder, most known as itstaylerholder on TikTok, is a TikToker from Alvarado, Texas. He gained huge fame for his TikTok videos featuring dancing, lip-syncing, scenes from his everyday life, and roles in shows Dirt (2018) and Total Eclipse (2018). World is now more aware of his works, and his fanbase keeps on growing to the extent that brands are keen to market their products via him. Furthermore, he earned a sizable wealth from advertisements and other streaming services like Spotify and Heart Radio which has resulted in his net-worth to be over 2 million dollars. He solidified his fame with his single ‘Bruises’, which garnered a total of 25 million streams on all platforms. These incredible achievements and hard-work has made Tayler Holder a role model for many aspiring individuals.

Is Tayler Holder trans?

Is this person trans?

Tayler Holder is a TikTok star from Alvarado, Texas, and known as itstaylerholder on the platform. He became famous for appearing on TikTok, posting videos of dancing, lip-syncing, scenes from his everyday life, and other activities, as well as roles in TV shows Dirt (2018) and Total Eclipse (2018).

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He has created a successful career from his hobby, advertising products and receiving gifts from TikTok due to his popularity. He has earned a lot of money and has an estimated wealth of $2 million. Tayler is the son of Monte and Wendy Holder and has a brother, Trever, who is also a TikTok star.

Tayler Holder is currently in a relationship with Charly Jordan, and has also dated several famous personalities such as Kaylyn Slevin, Kelianne Stankus, Charli D’Amelio, and Sommer Ray.

He is 5 feet 8 inches tall, has blonde hair and dark brown eyes, and weighs 165 pounds. As for his social media status, he is active on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. He currently has 6.5 million Instagram followers, 1.92 million YouTube subscribers, and 20.6 million TikTok followers.

When it comes to any type of gender identity confirmation, Tayler Holder has not revealed anything about himself publicly so we do not know if he is trans or not.

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