Is Sophia Hutchins Trans?

Who is Sophia Hutchins?

Who is Sophia Hutchins? Sophia Hutchins is a businesswoman, close
friend of Caitlyn Jenner, and author of the book “The Sophia Project.” She
announced in January 2018 that she was running for congress in California’s
45th district. Sophia is also at the center of speculation of being trans
after she was seen in public with Caitlyn Jenner several times. She is
often referred to as the “most famous trans woman in America.” Recently,
her ex-boyfriend accused her of lying about her gender identity. Despite
the accusations, fans of Sophia continue to show their support and show
that she is the woman she says she is.

What made Sophia Hutchins famous?

What made him famous? Sophia Hutchins is well known for her close friendship with Caitlyn Jenner and her campaign to run for Congress in California’s 45th district. She also wrote the book “The Sophia Project” which stirred up controversy in the media because of accusations that she was not actually transgender. These accusations sparked debate among people who both supported and opposed her in the online sphere, resulting in Sophia’s sudden rise to fame.

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Is Sophia Hutchins trans?

Is Sophia Hutchins trans? Yes, she is. Sophia Hutchins is a close friend and former assistant of Caitlyn Jenner and a successful businesswoman, author, and politician. She publicly supported Caitlyn when she came out as transgender in 2015 and announced in 2018 that she would run for congress in California’s 45th district. Recently, her gender identity has become a topic of debate after her ex-boyfriend publicly questioned whether or not she was actually transgender. Sophia put an end to the speculation by confirming that she was, in fact, transgender.

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