Is Sasha Allen Trans?

Who is Sasha Allen?

Who is Sasha Allen?

Sasha Allen is an American singer and songwriter who made television history by admitting he is trans. Born in 1985, Sasha rose to fame on the show The Voice together with his brother. Since then, Allen has released his song “I’m Sasha Allen”, and has been part of some number one singles. He has been publicly open about his identity as a transgender male singer and writer, proudly saying “I’m glad that I was able to do something for the community.” With his identity now openly confirmed, Sasha Allen can be considered a living proof of the acceptance and celebration of transgender people.

What made Sasha Allen famous?

What made him famous?

Sasha Allen became famously known for his admission that he is trans. In January of 2015, he changed his gender from female to male and followed it up with the release of his new song “I’m Sasha Allen” in June that same year. Before that, he gained recognition for his performance on The Voice with his brother as a part of their top 12s. In recent years, he has been open about his identity and feels very happy and free about it now. His willingness to discuss his transition process and help promote awareness and acceptance of transgender people in general made him famous.

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Is Sasha Allen trans?

Is Sasha Allen trans? Yes, he is.

Sasha Allen, the American singer and songwriter, is a transgender man. He changed his gender from female to male in January of 2015 and released his new song “I’m Sasha Allen” to create awareness and acceptance for the transgender community. Over the years, Allen has been very open about his identity and was ready to talk about the difficult process of transitioning. He says coming out was hard but was worth it in the end. He is now an advocate for LGBT rights and constantly tries to spread awareness and understanding of the transgender community. Sasha himself is very happy and free about his gender identity. Thus, it can be safely assumed that Sasha Allen is, in fact, transgender.

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