Is Riyasha Dahal Trans?

Who is Riyasha Dahal?

Who is Riyasha Dahal? Riyasha Dahal is a Nepali actress, renowned for her comedic performances and her appearance in music videos and web series. She rose to fame with the help of YouTube, when she partnered with College Nepal. Her memorable performances in the channel quickly made her a social media sensation. Riyasha’s most popular music video, Ye Hai Maya, has garnered over 28 million views and with her recent project Garo Cha Ho Malai gaining attention throughout Nepal. She was born in Kathmandu, completed her Bachelor of Business Administration and is currently worth an estimated $20K. She is a single lady, reportedly having dated Jibesh Gurung previously but has stated she is focused on her career more than finding a partner. She stands at 5’5 and has black hair and black eyes. Most of her fans and followers follow her on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, where she has amassed over one million followers. Riyasha Dahal is a talented actress who has earned her fame through her devotion and hard work.

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What made Riyasha Dahal famous?

What made him famous?

Riyasha Dahal is an actress from Nepal who became an overnight sensation with College Nepal, a YouTube video series where she and Jibesh Gurung were the co-hosts. Her hilarious, incredible episode made her famous and since then she has been working with different media, appearing in several music videos and Nepali online series. Her most popular music video ‘Ye Hai Maya’ has over 28 million views on YouTube and cemented Riyasha’s status as a celebrity. Besides this, she has a net-worth of over $20K US dollars and has a fan base of over 1 million on Facebook and close to 175K followers on Instagram. Her long black hair, seductive figure and popularity as an actor have made her one of the most acclaimed celebrities in Nepal and her upcoming web series ‘Soltini’ furthers her star power.

Is Riyasha Dahal trans?

Is this personality trans? Riyasha Dahal is an actress who became well-known through her video series with College Nepal and her appearances in music videos and web series. Riyasha was born in July 1995 in Kathmandu, Nepal, and received her BBA from Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology. She began her professional journey in acting with the College Nepal channel, and her fame only grew from there. Her most popular music video is Ye Hai Maya, with 28 million views on YouTube. Her current net worth is around $20K US dollars or 2379130 NPR. She is currently single, with no clear boyfriends reported. Riyasha has a brother named Rupak and her parents are Dipak and Niru Dahal. Her body measurements are 32-2-35, and she is 5’5 tall. On her social media accounts, she has 1 million Facebook followers, 175K Instagram followers, 839K TikTok followers and 370 Twitter followers. As such, Riyasha Dahal is the perfect definition of success.

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