Is Polo G Trans?

Who is Polo G?

Who is it? Polo G is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Born on September 27, 1988, of African-American descent, Polo G has released six mixtapes to date, with most recent being “Single Finer Things” released in 2016. Polo G has been described as a “hip-hop poet” who talks about life experiences without resorting to vulgarity, and his live performances of songs from his album have been immensely successful. Although there are many rumors relating to his gender identity, nothing has been confirmed and Polo G identifies as a man.

What made Polo G famous?

What made him famous? Polo G is best known for his lyrical content which deals with everyday life experiences and topics without resorting to vulgarity or profanity. Born in 1988 as Taurus Tremani Bartlett in Atlanta, Georgia and of African-American descent, he changed his name to Polo G when he discovered that his given name sounded too similar to the surname of another rapper named Polo Grounds. His six mixtapes with the most recent being “Finer Things” released in 2016 earned him the title of “hip-hop poet”. He also released a music video for “Mama” on May 27, 2016, as part of his “Single Finer Things” album, which was preceded by singles such as “YSDFYRKM” and “Influences”. He has performed live recently with songs from his most recent release at venues such as SXSW 2017 and SOBs in New York City.

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Is Polo G trans?

Is Polo G trans? No, he is not. Polo G has been the subject of many rumors about his gender identity but he has not given any official statement about it yet. It is true that he was born male and identifies as a man, but it is possible that he will come out with an explanation of his gender identity in the future. For now, fans and the general public will have to wait and see.

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