Is Mirage Trans?

Who is Mirage?

Who is it? Mirage is a character from Apex Legends, a video game that can be accessed on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. He was introduced in 2018 and is a Holographic Trickster, designed for the purpose of providing players with an additional personality. Mirage is male and has gained vast popularity over the years, but rumors abound that he may be trans. Despite this, there is no official confirmation from the developers that Mirage is trans and he identifies as a man.

What made Mirage famous?

What made him famous? Mirage was introduced as the newest character in Apex Legends, and has since then gained immense popularity for being a Holographic Trickster who can change his appearance at will. He is also rumored to be trans, though this hasn’t been officially confirmed. Mirage has become famous for his quippy attitude and for being the life of the Apex game. He is often seen joking around with women, showing his obssession with them. Therefore, it can be said that Mirage gained fame due to his humorous attitude, his ability to change his hologram, and being subject to numerous debates.

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Is Mirage trans?

Is Mirage trans? No, he is not. Mirage is a character in the Apex Legends video game and although rumors have been circulating that he is trans, there is no official confirmation from the game’s developers. Mirage was introduced in Oct 2018 and is a Holographic Trickster whose character was designed to provide players with an additional personality. He is male and identifies as a man, and is obsesed with women and loves being around them.

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