Is Lewis Capaldi Trans?

Who is Lewis Capaldi?

Lewis Capaldi is a Scottish singer-songwriter who has gained global recognition with his emotionally stirring lyrics and resonant voice. Born on October 7, 1996, in Glasgow, Capaldi’s rise to fame was swift and impactful, establishing him as a significant figure in the music industry.

Despite rumors and speculations, Capaldi is not transgender. His raw talent and unique style continue to captivate audiences worldwide, making him a beloved figure in contemporary music.

What made Lewis Capaldi famous?

Lewis Capaldi’s rise to stardom was launched in 2017 with the release of his inaugural single “Bruises”, which rapidly gained traction on streaming platforms. However, it was his 2018 release, “Someone You Loved”, a poignant ballad that deeply resonated with audiences, that truly catapulted him to fame as it ascended music charts worldwide.


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Capaldi’s unique ability to express raw emotion through his music, combined with his potent voice and sincere, relatable lyrics, resonates with fans, giving his songs an emotional depth that captivates and moves listeners. His debut album, “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent”, released in 2019, was a tremendous success, topping charts in several countries and garnering praise for its genuine and evocative tracks. His subsequent singles, including “Before You Go” and “Hold Me While You Wait”, further cemented his status as a chart-dominating artist.

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Is Lewis Capaldi trans?

Recently, speculation has been rife concerning the gender identity of renowned Scottish singer, Lewis Capaldi, with some fans suggesting that he might be transgender. However, these rumors appear to be unfounded, as there is no concrete evidence to support such claims, nor has Capaldi himself made any statements to this effect.

In fact, the artist has been identified as a cisgender man, effectively dispelling any rumors about him being transgender. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that Lewis Capaldi is not trans, and any suggestion otherwise is purely speculative.