Is Kim Petras Trans?

Who is Kim Petras?

Who is it? Kim Petras is a German singer, songwriter and fashion model born in 1993, who has recently revealed that she is a transgender woman. At the age of 16 she underwent a surgery transitioning from male to female. Her music career started when she was 13, and her debut single, “I Don’t Want It At All” peaked at number four on the Austrian Singles Chart. After a successful career and being in the public eye from her childhood, she confirmed in 2018 her gender identity in an interview with Dazed Magazine. Thus, we can be sure that Kim Petras is, indeed, a transgender woman.

What made Kim Petras famous?

What made him famous? Kim Petras gained fame for her success as an artist and designer, and then as a singer, songwriter and fashion model. She entered the International Modeling & Talent Association (IMTA) search for “America’s Next Supermodel” in 2007, in which she won. She released her debut single “I Don’t Want It At All” in 2009 and her album “Kim” in 2010, which made her rise to the top of the charts, and her youtube channel skyrocketed thereafter. But what made her famous from the start is her admission of being a trans woman, after undergoing a gender transformation when she was only 16. This courage and bravery made her an icon in the LGBTQ community and beyond.

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Is Kim Petras trans?

Is Kim Petras trans? Yes, she is. Kim Petras is a German singer, songwriter and fashion model who was born in 1993 and has been in the public eye since she was a child. In an interview with Dazed magazine in 2018, Petras revealed that she had always felt like she was born into the wrong body and had at age 16 undergone surgery to transition from male to female. Since then, Petras has declared that she is a trans woman and continues to make chart-topping music and fashion statements.

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