Is John Maclean Trans?

Who is John Maclean?

Who is John Maclean?
John Maclean is a makeup artist and YouTuber who has gained an immense
following with over 3 million subscribers and over 2 billion views. He is well-known for his profession and unique style that is not seen often in the beauty industry. He also works in fashion, entertainment, and modeling. His first YouTube video was called “The Makeup Artist’s Guide to Perfecting Skin.” He mixes humor and his personality in his videos in order to make his audience comfortable with their appearances and feel empowered. Despite rumors of him being trans, there is no proof of this and John identifies as a man.

What made John Maclean famous?

What made him famous? John Maclean is an Instagram-famous makeup artist and YouTuber who has gained a lot of popularity for his unique looks and empowering attitude. After he graduated from college, he moved to New York and started showcasing his artistry on YouTube. In 2011, his first video “The Makeup Artist’s Guide to Perfecting Skin” was released which sparked his fame. His videos combine beauty and fashion tips with humor and personality, and this helped him grow his following. Rumors have spread about his gender identity due to his feminine features and voice, but John identifies as a man and has never admitted to being trans. His honest, down-to-earth personality has made millions of viewers feel comfortable about embracing his tips.

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Is John Maclean trans?

Is John Maclean trans? No, he is not. John Maclean is a male makeup artist who has gained immense popularity on YouTube with his videos being viewed more than 2 billion times. He helps people feel good about themselves with theming, fashion, and entertainment tips. He has also been the topic of discussion in the media for his gender identity, but he identifies as a man and hasn’t admitted to being trans. There is no proof that he is trans or that he underwent any sex change surgery.

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