Is Isaiah Stannard Trans?

Who is Isaiah Stannard?

Who is it? Isaiah Stannard is a young actor who has been on small and big screens since 2013, having acted in TV shows like Good Girls and The Fosters. He was born in Los Angeles, California, and is the youngest of three siblings. Recent rumors suggested that Isaiah was born female and had undergone sex reassignment surgery, however it seems this is true after Isaiah made a statement on Instagram confirming that he is indeed trans. He is best-known for playing Ben on the hit show Good Girls, addressing bullying and his mom’s new boyfriend.

What made Isaiah Stannard famous?

What made him famous? Isaiah Stannard’s journey to fame started when he was just three years old and starred in a commercial for the movie Jurassic Park III. Since then, he has appeared in multiple television shows such as Good Girls, The Affair, and The Fosters. His most well-known role was playing Ben in the series Good Girls. While he was already in the public eye, rumors circulated that Isaiah was actually born female and had gone through sex reassignment surgery. He eventually addressed the rumors and came out as trans on Instagram. Through hard work and determination, Isaiah Stannard has achieved success in his acting career and his boldness in tackling an important issue has made him even more famous.

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Is Isaiah Stannard trans?

Is Isaiah Stannard trans? Yes, he is. After being in the public eye for several years, questions arose whether the young actor was born female and had undergone sex reassignment surgery. Isaiah Stannard decided to come out on Instagram and officially confirmed he identifies as trans. Born in 2004 in Los Angeles, California, Isaiah was only two years old when he started acting and landed his first big role on the 2009 movie “The Biggest Loser.” His most notable role was playing Ben on the show “Good Girls” (2016-2018). Isaiah Stannard’s courage in publicly declaring his gender identity is inspiring and his career continues to shine as an example of inclusivity in Hollywood.

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