Is Gigi Gorgeous Trans?

Who is Gigi Gorgeous?

Who is it? Gigi Gorgeous is an American actor, model and YouTuber best known for her makeup tutorials on YouTube with over 3.5 million subscribers. She is also the brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, CoverGirl and Macy’s. The gorgeous YouTuber made her acting debut in the movie “The Chaperone” and gained media attention after coming out as a transgender woman in 2013. Despite her appearance in various major projects, her fans still remain curious about her gender as Gigi only officially identified as transgender in 2017. Regardless, she is a strong advocate for LGBT rights and continues to inspire people around the world.

What made Gigi Gorgeous famous?

What made him famous? Gigi Gorgeous gained widespread acclaim for her amazing beauty and charming presence. But what made her truly famous was her announcement that she is transgender. Back in 2013, the YouTuber admitted on YouTube that she was transgender and this earned her significant media attention. Since then, she has become a popular brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, CoverGirl, and Macy’s, made her acting debut with the movie “The Chaperone”, and made her mark on the fashion world with her styling tips and tutorials. Gigi Gorgeous has certainly come a long way since her initial announcement, inspiring millions of people both on and off the screen.

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Is Gigi Gorgeous trans?

Is Gigi Gorgeous trans? Yes, she is. Gigi Gorgeous is a Canadian YouTube personality and actress who gained media attention after coming out as transgender in 2013. She has over 3.5 million subscribers on her channel and is the brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, CoverGirl, and Macy’s. Gigi was born Gisele Loren Lazzarato Getty on March 20th, 1987. She moved with her mother to Toronto where she attended high school at Bayview Glen School in North York. In 2017, rumors circulated that Gigi was a trans woman and she later confirmed the news on her YouTube channel. She has gained millions of views on her fashion videos that feature advice on what to wear for any occasion. Through her social media influence, Gigi has become a powerful advocate for the trans community.

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