Is Fundy Trans?

Who is Fundy?

Who is it? It is Paul van den Berg, commonly known as Fundy, a Dutch YouTuber who has over 1.5 million subscribers and over 500 million views on his YouTube channel. He was born in the Netherlands before moving to the United States and has become well-known for his mods such as for Minecraft, DayZ, Garry’s Mod, and more. Fundy also streams on Twitch with games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. However, recently, rumors have been spreading that Fundy is trans, which is false, but the character Fundy the fox he created might also be.

What made Fundy famous?

What made him famous? Fundy is a Dutch YouTuber and Twitch streamer, born Paul van den Berg on June 23rd, 1996, in Utrecht, Netherlands. He is best known for his mods for Minecraft, DayZ, and Garry’s Mod with over 1.5 million subscribers and 500 million views on his YouTube channel. The name “Fundy” comes from the word “fundamental”, though it sounds like “funny”. Fundy began his YouTube career in 2012, gaining recognition mainly from his Let’s Play videos. He also featured in a weekly Minecraft TV series in the Netherlands, W1zcraft. In 2017, he started streaming on Twitch with a rising fan base that soon questioned rumours of him being trans, and could this be attributed to his success? However, the rumours concerning Fundy’s gender are false. The character Fundy the Fox the streamer created might be gender fluid, although Fundy himself is not.

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Is Fundy trans?

Is Fundy Trans? No, Fundy is not trans – the Dutch YouTuber and Twitch streamer, best known for his mods such as Minecraft, DayZ, Garry’s Mod and more is named Paul van den Berg. Sources say he was born in Utrecht, Netherlands on June 23rd, 1996 and moved to the United States as a young child to pursue a career in YouTube and Twitch. Rumors of Fundy being trans have been circulating online, but they are only based on his character, also named Fundy the fox, which could be trans. However, the real streamer Paul van den Berg has been confirmed as not trans.

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