Is Eva Reign Trans?

Who is Eva Reign?

Who is Eva Reign?
Eva Reign is an American actress, journalist, writer, and the lead role in “Anything’s Possible”. She was born on June 8th, 1989 in New York City, and she studied acting at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She then worked as a journalist for CBS News before starting her professional career as an actor on various TV shows. Eva Reign identifies as a Black trans woman despite the rumors that have followed her in the past year. She is quoted referring to herself as a Black trans girl and her goal to play someone’s friend as a realistic one. Therefore, we assume that Eva Reign is transgender.

What made Eva Reign famous?

What made him famous? Eva Reign is an American actress and journalist, best known for her lead role in “Anything’s Possible” and her portrayal of Juliette Barnes/Rayna Jaymes in the ABC drama series “Nashville”. However, her growing fame is also due to rumors about her being a transgender woman and her inspirational quotes about her identity. As she has not confirmed her transition, Eva Reign identifies as a black trans actress and her quote “I’m a Black trans girl – I’m not going to be the lead in a movie. That’s not feasible. I’ll be lucky to play someone’s friend,” has made her even more famous.

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Is Eva Reign trans?

Is Eva Reign trans? Yes, she is. Rumors have circulated that actress and journalist, Eva Reign, may be transgender and she confirms her gender identity as a black trans actress. She has been at the center of these rumors since last year and reportedly said that she is “lucky to play someone’s friend.” We assume, based on these facts and her self-identification, that Eva Reign is indeed trans.

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