Is Addison Rae Trans?

Who is Addison Rae?

Who is Addison Rae?

Addison Rae is a transgender model and an advocate for trans women who want to be models. At just 16 years old, she began her modelling career and in the past two years, she has become even more vocal about her advocacy for other trans women in the modelling industry. Her YouTube channel, ‘Addison Baker’, was named after her father’s last name as a way of honoring him. Addison Rae is also the first transgender person to be featured in the DNA Cosmetics campaign, a huge step for her, and for other trans people.

What made Addison Rae famous?

What made him famous? Addison Rae’s rise to fame was kickstarted due to her role as a transgender model and advocate for other trans women. At the age of 16, she began modeling but has since then become more outspoken about her passion for helping others in the same position. Furthermore, it is also that same love for her father that led her to adopt the name ‘Baker’ for her hugely successful YouTube channel. Thus, due to her influence as a model, an advocate, and a content creator, Addison Rae has become an immensely influential yet relatable figure.

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Is Addison Rae trans?

Is Addison Rae Trans? Yes, she is. Addison Rae has been a model since she was 16, and for the past two years she has become considerably more vocal about advocating for other transgender women interested in modeling. She is the first transgender person ever featured in the DNA Cosmetics campaign, and an additional way she honors and pays tribute to her father, an actor, is through naming her YouTube channel after his maiden name, ‘Baker’. This both serves to honor him and increase her platform’s visibility. Addison Rae serves not only as a transgender model, but also as an advocate for trans women aspiring to be models.

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