Is Shea Couleé Trans?

Who is Shea Couleé?

Shea Couleé is a prominent figure in the American drag scene, renowned for her captivating performances, fierce runway presence, and staunch advocacy for inclusivity and representation. She is not transgender, but a multi-talented powerhouse within the vibrant world of drag.

Couleé’s diverse skill set extends beyond the stage, including music, acting, and podcasting, which has helped her captivate audiences globally. Furthermore, she has established herself as an integral part of the Chicago nightlife scene, where she is cherished and celebrated for her distinct artistry.

What made Shea Couleé famous?

Shea Couleé, born as Jaren Kyei Merrell, rose to fame due to her exceptional talent and charisma in the world of drag. Her early passion for performance and the arts led her to create her alter ego, Shea Couleé, which became a well-known name after her appearance on the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2017.


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Despite finishing as a runner-up, her captivating performances, fierce runway presence, and flawless fashion sense made her a favorite among judges and viewers alike, making her a prominent figure in the drag community. Beyond her artistic endeavors, Shea Couleé is also recognized for her advocacy work, promoting inclusivity, representation, and social justice, particularly for marginalized communities. She is not only an American drag queen but also a musician, actor, podcaster, and a key figure in the Chicago nightlife scene.

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Is Shea Couleé trans?

Shea Couleé, a well-known personality, has openly identified as non-binary, which means she doesn’t strictly identify as either male or female. While she is not transgender, she has expressed a preference for the pronouns she/her when she is performing in drag.

This distinction is essential as it highlights the diverse spectrum of gender identities and expressions within the drag community. Although she is not transgender, her non-binary identity and preference for feminine pronouns in drag showcases her fluid approach to gender, contributing to the broader conversation about gender diversity and inclusion.