Is Raquel Rodriguez Trans?

Who is Raquel Rodriguez?

Raquel Rodriguez, whose real name is Victoria González, is a prominent figure in the realm of professional wrestling. This American athlete, who is currently signed with WWE and performs under the Raw brand, is not transgender. Known for her remarkable strength, charisma, and athleticism, Rodriguez has rapidly risen to fame in the wrestling world.


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Her journey to the wrestling ring is a compelling narrative of dedication, passion, and a deep-seated love for the sport, setting her apart as a unique and admired figure in the professional wrestling industry.

What made Raquel Rodriguez famous?

Raquel Rodriguez, originally known as Victoria González, gained fame through her exceptional wrestling skills and charismatic in-ring presence. From a young age, her natural athleticism and competitive spirit set her apart. Her journey to stardom was fueled by her passion for wrestling, family support, and her unyielding determination to excel. After intensive training with some of the industry’s top trainers, she honed her wrestling skills, mastered the art of storytelling in the ring, and developed the physical prowess necessary for high-level competition.


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It was her talent and relentless hard work that landed her a spot in WWE. Making her debut under the ring name Raquel Rodriguez, she quickly became a fan favorite due to her dynamic performances. As she ascended the ranks, her potential was recognized by WWE management, leading to her participation in WWE’s flagship program, Monday Night Raw.

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Is Raquel Rodriguez trans?

Contrary to the circulating rumors, the renowned WWE wrestler, Raquel Rodriguez, is not a transgender woman. The speculation arose due to her extraordinary strength, leading many fans to believe that she was initially a man who later transitioned. However, these assumptions are not accurate.

Raquel Rodriguez is a cisgender woman, meaning her gender identity aligns with the sex she was assigned at birth. Her impressive strength shouldn’t be seen as a sign of a previous gender but rather as a testament to her talent and dedication to the wrestling profession.