Is Harisu Trans?

Who is Harisu?

Harisu, a renowned singer, model, and actress hailing from South Korea, made history as the nation’s first transgender entertainer. Born on February 17, 1975, as Lee Kyung-eun, Harisu identified as female from a very young age. Despite facing societal prejudice and discrimination, she courageously pursued her true identity, undergoing sex reassignment surgery in Japan during the 1990s, as it was not permitted in South Korea at the time. In 2002, she became only the second individual in South Korea to legally change their gender. Her stage name, Harisu, is a creative adaptation of the English phrase “hot issue,” reflecting her groundbreaking impact on the entertainment industry.

What made Harisu famous?

His rise to fame was not without its fair share of personal and professional hurdles, one of which was a conviction for credit card fraud. However, it was his personal journey of transitioning from male to female in the early 2000s that catapulted him into the limelight. From a young age, he felt a deep-seated discomfort with his body, always identifying as a woman. His transition journey was widely covered by the media, making him one of the most notable transgender figures in the UK. After undergoing gender confirmation surgery in 2001, he continued to remain in the public eye, often sharing his experiences as a transgender woman.

Is Harisu trans?

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