Is Green M&M Trans?

Who is Green M&M?

Despite widespread speculation, the Green M&M character from the globally recognized candy brand, M&M’s, is not transgender. M&M’s, a beloved confectionary brand, was established in 1941 by Forrest Mars, Sr., son of Frank C. Mars, who also created other popular sweets like Milky Way and Snickers. Over the past seven decades, M&M’s has grown into one of the world’s best-selling candy brands, famous for its vibrant, multi-colored, button-shaped chocolates. The brand’s iconic characters, including the Green M&M, have become integral parts of popular culture, but their gender identities remain as originally conceived by the company.

What made Green M&M famous?

Forrest Mars Jr. rose to fame due to the creation of the M&M brand. His inspiration came from a candy named “Murrie,” small round sweets coated with chocolate that were sold as children’s toys in Richmond, Virginia. Mars Jr. took this concept and crafted M&M’s, which initially had a peanut butter flavor. The distinctive feature of M&M’s is their hard candy shell, made from sugar and cocoa butter, encasing chocolate on both sides. Over time, the flavor range expanded, encompassing not just the original peanut butter, but also varieties like dark and milk chocolate, mint, and white chocolate.

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Is Green M&M trans?

The fame of the green M&M has been shrouded in controversy and speculation since 2018, when Mars Incorporated, the company behind the beloved candy, introduced new colors to its lineup. This sparked rumors that the candy was making a statement about transgender identity. However, these claims were quickly disputed by other companies, insisting that there was no truth to such assertions. Despite the lack of confirmation from Mars, the rumors continue to swirl, leaving many curious about the true nature of these colorful candies. The green M&M, often characterized as more sensual and alluring, has not been officially declared as representing a trans identity by the company.