Is Catherine McKenney Trans?

Who is Catherine McKenney?

Catherine McKenney, a trailblazing figure in Canadian politics, was elected to the Ottawa City Council in 2014, representing the Somerset Ward, an area encompassing the neighbourhoods of Centretown, Somerset, and a portion of downtown. McKenney’s election marked a significant milestone as they became the first openly transgender person to serve on the Ottawa City Council. They are also openly non-binary and pansexual. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, McKenney relocated to Ottawa in the 1980s and has resided in the Somerset Ward for more than three decades. McKenney’s personal life includes being a parent to three children.

What made Catherine McKenney famous?

Before stepping into the political arena, Cortes-Vargas had a significant impact on the community through their work as a behavioral health consultant for Edmonton Public Schools, where they provided support to children with disabilities. However, their rise to prominence came when they were elected to the Alberta Legislative Assembly in 2015, marking a historic moment as one of the three openly gay members to be elected and the first openly non-binary individual to serve in a Canadian legislature. Their courage was further exemplified in 2016 when they publicly identified as non-binary in a speech to the Legislative Assembly, breaking yet another barrier as the first Canadian politician to do so.

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Is Catherine McKenney trans?

Montreuil’s fame is attributed to her relentless fight for transgender rights, despite facing numerous challenges. She has not only championed for these rights in courtrooms but also through her written works on transgender issues and law. Her political involvement, which saw her run for the New Democratic Party in federal elections, further amplified her advocacy for social justice, particularly LGBTQ+ rights. Montreuil’s efforts have earned her recognition and awards both locally and internationally, such as the Quebec Human Rights Commission’s Rights and Freedoms Award. Openly identifying as a lesbian, Montreuil’s personal life has also played a significant role in her advocacy, highlighting the importance of acknowledging and respecting one’s sexual orientation and gender identity.