Is Bebe Rexha Trans?

Who is Bebe Rexha?

Bebe Rexha, born Bleta Rexha on August 30, 1989, in Brooklyn, New York, is a renowned singer, songwriter, and performer in the contemporary pop music scene. She is not transgender, as some might question, but is known for her powerful vocals and her boundary-pushing persona.


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Over the years, Rexha has distinguished herself in the music industry with her unique voice, her ability to blur genres, and her unapologetic authenticity. Her significant contributions have carved a unique niche for her in the world of music.

What made Bebe Rexha famous?

Bebe Rexha’s fame in the music industry can be attributed to her unique musical identity, honed through a culturally rich upbringing and her education at the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Raised in an Albanian family, she was exposed to an array of musical influences, including traditional Albanian folk and pop music.

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Her early passion for songwriting and performing was nurtured at university, where she began to develop her distinctive blend of pop, rock, and R&B. Rexha’s breakthrough came as a songwriter for other artists, notably penning tracks for Eminem and Rihanna. Her talent was highlighted in the hit song “The Monster,” earning her a Grammy nomination and cementing her place in the music industry.

Is Bebe Rexha trans?

Speculation has been rife about the gender identity of Bebe Rexha, the acclaimed singer-songwriter best recognized for her hit song “The Monster”. However, these conjectures suggesting that she is transgender are devoid of any substantial evidence and should be deemed as unfounded.

Born a female, Bebe Rexha identifies as a cisgender woman, meaning her self-perception of her gender aligns with the sex she was assigned at birth. Therefore, any rumors suggesting otherwise about her gender identity are patently untrue.