Is Backxwash Trans?

Who is Backxwash?

Ashanti Mutinta, widely recognized under her stage moniker, Backxwash, is a distinguished rapper and music producer of Zambian-Canadian descent. Her journey began in Zambia, her birthplace, and later took a turn when she relocated to Canada for her university education during her late teenage years.

It was in the vibrant cultural hub of Montreal that she embarked on her music career, rapidly gaining recognition for her unique talent and style. Backxwash’s story is a compelling testament to the power of passion and perseverance in the pursuit of artistic expression.

What made Backxwash famous?

Backxwash’s rise to fame is closely linked to her unique blend of horrorcore, industrial hip hop, and nu metal music genres. However, it’s not just her distinctive sound that has garnered attention, but also the profound themes she explores in her lyrics. As a Black transgender woman, Backxwash has faced her share of trials, and these experiences heavily influence her music.

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She began her transition in her early twenties, a journey marked by struggles with gender dysphoria. Her music serves as a powerful platform to voice her experiences, shedding light on systemic oppression, religious themes, and her personal journey with her identity and sexuality.

Is Backxwash trans?

The rise to fame of Backxwash, a queer, transgender woman of color, was marked by her unabashed honesty and raw lyricism. Her experiences, often characterized by societal discrimination and marginalization, were vividly portrayed in her music. The 2020 album, “God Has Nothing to Do With This Leave Him Out of It,” was a testament to this, as it delved into her personal experiences with faith, identity, and sexuality.

The album not only won the Polaris Music Prize, making Backxwash the first openly transgender woman to be honored with the award, but also received widespread critical acclaim for its innovative sound and raw honesty. Backxwash’s music and public persona continuously challenge societal norms and expectations around gender and sexuality, making her a groundbreaking figure in music industry representation for queer and transgender individuals.