Is B. Scott Trans?

Who is B. Scott?

Brandon Scott Sessoms, widely recognized as B. Scott, is a trailblazer in the sphere of online entertainment. Not only is she an esteemed American television personality, radio show host, and internet celebrity, but she is also a proud and influential voice in the trans community. Known for her authenticity and charisma, B. Scott has carved out a significant niche for herself through her YouTube video blogs and her popular website, Her commitment to truth, inclusivity, and self-acceptance has endeared her to many, making her a beloved figure in the online community. B. Scott’s strength lies in her commitment to authenticity. She has consistently shared her personal experiences, insights, and opinions, creating a space where individuals feel validated and inspired to embrace their own identities.

What made B. Scott famous?

B. Scott’s rise to fame is largely attributed to his innovative approach to online entertainment. His YouTube video blogs, covering a variety of topics such as lifestyle advice, celebrity gossip, and pop culture critique, have captivated a broad audience. His unique fusion of wit, intelligence, and cultural awareness has not only secured him a loyal fanbase, but also pushed the boundaries of traditional online content. His website,, has become a hotspot for those seeking diverse viewpoints on entertainment news, lifestyle, and societal issues. The platform is renowned for highlighting narratives from underrepresented communities and giving a voice to those often ignored, thereby challenging the mainstream narrative and fostering inclusivity within the media industry.

Is B. Scott trans?

Brandon Scott Sessoms, popularly known as B. Scott, gained prominence from their YouTube video blogs and personal website, becoming a recognized figure in the digital world. The focus of public curiosity often revolved around B. Scott’s gender identity, with many speculating about their transgender status. This speculation was put to rest when B. Scott openly declared their gender as transgender and non-binary, embracing their identity with courage and honesty. This openness led to a significant milestone, with B. Scott becoming the first trans nonbinary host for BET, further cementing their fame and influence.

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