Is Alice Little Trans?

Who is Alice Little?

Alice Little, an Irish-American born on May 3, 1990, is a recognized figure in the digital world as a YouTuber and also holds the unique distinction of being a legal sex worker. Contrary to some speculation, she is not transgender.


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The pseudonym “Alice Little” is a playful reference to her small physical stature, standing at a height of only 4 feet 8 inches. This diminutive height has earned her the title of the “shortest legal escort” not just in the state of Nevada, but throughout the entire United States.

What made Alice Little famous?

Alice Little first rose to prominence in 2017 after writing an article for Refinery29, “A Week as a Legal Sex Worker in Mound House, NV, on a $267,000 Salary.” The piece gave a frank and unique perspective on her career and the legal sex trade in Nevada, sparking widespread conversations about sex work and its legality.

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In addition to her writing, Little has become a renowned advocate for sex workers’ rights, earning recognition and respect for her efforts to debunk myths and foster greater understanding and acceptance of her profession. Her fame was further cemented in 2019 when she offered a 50% discount to Alienstock Festival attendees, showcasing her entrepreneurial flair and willingness to participate in broader cultural events.

Is Alice Little trans?

Speculation has been rife about the gender identity of Alice Little, a renowned sex worker and YouTube personality, with several individuals suggesting she may be transgender and has undergone sex reassignment surgery.

However, these rumors are unfounded. Alice Little is not a transgender woman but identifies as a cisgender woman. This means she identifies with the gender she was assigned at birth. Thus, the circulating conjectures regarding Alice Little’s gender identity are incorrect and should be disregarded.