Is 100 gecs Trans?

Who is 100 gecs?

One half of the American musical duo 100 gecs, Laura Les, is indeed transgender. Formed in 2015, 100 gecs is composed of Dylan Brady and Laura Les, who have taken the music industry by storm with their unique, genre-defying sound. The pair first met during their college years, and their shared passion for pushing the boundaries of music production and songwriting quickly led to a fruitful collaboration. Their innovative approach to music, which blends various genres and defies conventional expectations, has earned them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

What made 100 gecs famous?

The rise to fame of the dynamic duo can be attributed to their unique musical style, a fusion of hyperpop, glitch-pop, and electronic music. They cleverly incorporate elements from various genres to craft a distinctive and eclectic sound. Their music, marked by high-energy beats, distorted vocals, and a daring exploration of unconventional soundscapes, first caught attention with their debut EP, “100 gecs,” in 2016. However, their breakthrough came with the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, “1000 gecs,” in 2019. This album, lauded for its bold experimentation and defiance of musical norms, featured hit tracks like “money machine,” “hand crushed by a mallet,” and “ringtone.” These songs became the anthems of a new generation of music enthusiasts seeking something fresh and audacious.

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Is 100 gecs trans?

The rise to fame of 100 gecs, the explosive duo comprised of Dylan Brady and Laura Les, has been accompanied by a swirl of speculation and rumors, particularly around their gender identities. While there’s no definitive statement or evidence concerning Dylan Brady’s gender identity, it’s widely acknowledged that Laura Les identifies as a trans woman. It’s crucial to underscore that their gender identities, while being a part of their personal narratives, do not solely define their musical talent or the impact they have made in the music industry.